Every online casino worth its salt offer newly registered players a casino bonus. Some casinos have more than one casino bonus, offering players many opportunities to get some free play money. Online casino websites offer generous casino bonuses to players for two main reasons;

  1. To lure new gamblers to register with the site
  2. To get current members to gamble more frequently.

Types of Casino bonus

There are broadly two kinds of online casino bonuses. The first kind is meant to get new customers. This comprises Deposit Bonuses and No Deposit Bonuses and are meant to encourage new gamblers to start playing with the casino. Sometimes, these bonuses come in the form of free spins. This other kind of bonus is meant for established players and is designed to make them spend more time and higher amounts of cash playing games.

Casino Deposit Bonuses

You get these bonuses when you make an initial deposit with the casino. Let's look at an example. Suppose you make an initial deposit of $50. The casino will match this deposit by contributing its $50 as its bonus. This contribution is called 100% matching bonus. When you make another contribution, say of $50, the casino also makes a matching contribution of $50. This continues until particular limit. That limit could $200 or $2000. Some casinos also keep adding some free spins to these matching deposits. This number can remain constant or keep varying with your contribution. Please note that your matching deposit might be linked to certain conditions.

  1. Look at your casino's terms and conditions governing casinos
  2. Look out for your deposit bonus codes in your mailbox

Please note that all deposit bonuses are virtual money. You can't withdraw them just as you would normally. Unless you wager this bonus amount according to certain conditions, you won't be able to use these bonuses. The first condition has go to do with wagering requirements. Your casino might insist that you can use your first deposit bonus only when you playthrough 10x. So if the total bonus is $20 ( including the matching part), you will have to wager 20x10 = $200. If you win money from this wager, you can retain that money, again subject to certain conditions. Please note, you can use your deposit bonus only within a certain window period.

Rollover Requirements in online casinos

Let's say, you have a deposit bonus of $300 and a rollover requirement of 30. This means you need to rollover $3000. If you are playing online slots for $10 per spin, you need to spin 300 times to satisfy that rollover requirement. There are two kinds of wagering requirements. In the first kind only the bonus money is considered. Let's say you deposit $100 with 200% bonus. The rollover requirement is 20x times the bonus value. Now, you must roll over your bonus money 20 times only. This means you need to make $4000 in real money i.e. 20 times $200 bonus money. In the other case, the rollover requirement includes your bonus and deposit amounts.

If we took the above example a little further, we would have to make $6000 in real money bets in order to honor the rollover requirement of 20 times ( bonus amount+deposit amount). If you compare both the two scenarios then you will realize that rollover requirements with just the bonus amount are usually better. However, you also need to look at your bonus amount. The more the better. In some cases, you can withdraw your earnings well before you meet your wagering requirements. Bonuses involved here are called Special Bonuses. How do you do it? First play with your initial deposit and if you earn from it, withdraw your earning without using your bonus.

Some other bonus requirements

Maximum amount of converted credit- Here your bonus credit is converted back into your real money if you do manage to meet all the rollover requirements. Your online casino might set an upper limit for your credit conversion. Let's say your credit is $3000. Your bonus is $100 and the bonus credit limit is 5 times your bonus. In this case, you get just $500 and you forfeit $2500. Maximum Bet Limit-Many bonus hunters play aggressively to take advantage of their bonuses. They may lay very high bets on highly volatile games and leverage on the risk. Let'stake the case of a roulette player who is laying an Inside bet which as an odds of 35:1.

If he wins that bet, he wins 35x his bet amount. This way, he is also meeting the casino's betting requirements. To discourage this kind of aggressive play, casinos often cap the best you can place. Please note that the casino doesn't enforce these cappings. But if you violate this important condition, your casino might not let you withdraw your earnings. You can circumvent the above two conditions by clicking the Gamble button. This changes the variance of your game and CAN double your winnings. The probability that your earnings go up is 50%. Please note that not all casinos allow you to use this Gamble button.

Other bonuses in an online casino

The most common bonus is the Welcome Bonus. Also called as a New Player Bonus, this is given to new players upon their signing up for the first time. Usually, a Welcome Bonus amounts to $100. When you get this bonus, please read the terms and conditions of the casino. In most cases, the casino awards this 100$ into several installments over several months. If you keep playing on a particular online casino, you can get Reload Bonuses. For example, when you renew your account, your bonus is topped up by a certain amount. For example, your reload bonus can be $100 after you renew your online casino account.

  • You can locate all the bonus information in the Bonus section of the website
  • Some bonuses are available for specific countries

No Deposit Bonuses aren't linked to any deposits. You are simply awarded a nominal bonus for simply liking the Facebook page pf a casino, signing up on a newsletter, or getting a referral code from a friend. Please note that No Deposit Bonuses area also accompanied by certain conditions like wagering requirements, game times, window period, and payment methods. Use your No Deposit Bonus to unlock bonus rounds, free spins, etc. in your game. Casinos also give you Preferred Deposit Bonuses. When you use a casino's preferred mode of payment, you can get a certain percentage of your deposit as this bonus. For example, if you have deposited 1000$, you might get 15% as a preferred deposit bonus.

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Casino Loyalty Bonuses

These bonuses are awarded to players who shave stuck to their casinos fora very long time. These very important players are pampered by these loyalty bonuses. If you are a very senior player, you will receive more loyalty bonuses. Some high rollers also get a special kind of bonus called High Roller Bonuses. These bonuses are linked to the value of the deposits of these high rollers and are expressed in percentages. For example, if you have a deposit of $2000, you might get a High Roller bonus of 50% meaning you get another $1000 as virtual betting money. Some casinos also offer Cashback bonuses to new and existing players.

Cashback bonuses work when players lose some money on their bets. Casinos return a part of the lost bets to these players in order to retain them for the future. You can get Exclusive bonuses also from some online casinos. This happens when you sign up on a casino from an exclusive website. Exclusive bonuses don't distinguish between new and existing player, low or high rollers, etc. Please note that you need to fill up your KYC form as accurately as you can to get these bonuses. KYC is Know Your Customer form. Also, please note that most casinos allow the ONE BONUS FOR ONE ACCOUNT rule.

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